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august, 2019

07augAll Day11Yaa Asantewaa Festival of Arts and Culture

Event Details

Background and Purpose

Nana Yaa Asantewaa is undoubtedly considered as both a legendary figure in Asante’s power- stock, and a historical icon of a rare female tussle for emancipation from domination. Her rise to fame in the Ashanti Confederacy to become the leader and Commander-in-Chief of the fifth and final Anglo-Ashanti War, which lasted from 1900-1901 changed the face of history in favour of women in the battlefields.

While rare men in history are universally recognized, and nationally celebrated and accorded with achievements par excellence, the women are only noted as accidental occurrences that abetted men to shape the course of society. When men like Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler are mentioned, their names send tremors down the spines of world history, while the likes of Mansa Musa, Samori, and Babatu gave popularity easily in the notable works of Africa and West African historians.  Even though Yaa Asantewaa exists in some historical records, not much is celebrated of her unique accomplishments and reflective contribution to history.

The Nana Yaa Asantewaa Festival is fashioned out of the idea to inspire the modern society of Africa –homeland and Diaspora, and to give meaning to women’s emancipation, and their ability to square men in the development agenda, notwithstanding the sacrifice. The festival is planned to set the stage to give comparable recognition to women’s endeavours in all sectors of life – socio-cultural, economic, political, science and technology like men.  Women,  Ejisu, Bonwire and Kumasi will be the focus; history will be reshaped; culture and tourism will be enhanced, and Nana Yaa Asantewaa will be reborn to make Asante, Ghana and Africa proud and thus engrave her daring triumph in the annals of the United Nations.

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Our mission is to provide a platform for institutions of learning, the youth, the public and especially the female appreciate the Yaa Asantewaa Festival, and to gain recognition for their unique talents and creativity as well as to identify their impact in the culture and entertainment industry to the higher heights.



General Activities:

Activities are planned to bring together all class and manner of women in society, from the local to the Diaspora, with the support of men. Intellectual discourse, tradition and cultural vestiges in addition to tourism landmarks will be focused, encouraged and promoted for patronage.

Academic institutions will be engaged in literary activities including, Quizzes and Debates along with Cultural performances. The public is expected to participate in traditional games and contests to test their skills and to renew their strength.

Specific Activities:

The Yaa Asantewaa Festival will have two main segments, the traditional custom components and the secular or public entertainment segments. The traditional component includes the main celebrations or activities – rituals, processions, durbars and thanksgivings which are performed by indigenes and residents. The secular elements feature the entertainments that are the contests and competitions open to the schools and the public. They consist of quizzes, fashion shows, games and contests, and the carnivals that are open to schools and the public.

Programme for Schools

  • Inter-Schools’ Quiz Competition – Basic level: Ejisu-Juaben Municipality
  • Duration: 15 weeks: May-August, 2019
  • 32 Basic Schools across the Ejisu-Juaben Municipality
  • Inter-Schools’ Debates – Senior High level: Ashanti Region
  • Duration: One week
  • 16 Senior High Schools

Public Programmes

Traditional Dance and Dance-drama Competitions will be open to Senior High Schools and the Public to compete up to the National Level. While the schools will be encouraged to perform in Dance-drama, the public will feature mainly Traditional dances.

That is, Dance-drama will target

  • Senior High Schools in Ghana from the Districts to the Regional Champions
  • 16 Senior High Schools (one from each region) for the Super Championships
  • Duration: One week Super Championships in Kumasi (from 4 -10 August 2019)

Traditional Dance troupes/groups in the cities, towns and villages will register to participate in the competition in any three dances. However, there will be auditions to put the entries to sixteen (16) groups, which means, no region will be allowed to present more than one entry. The competitions by the traditional dance groups will follow the same trend similar to the schools, but the programme will be held in advance of the schools’ contests.

(Selections should be gender sensitive i.e. pairing of Girls-only schools through)

The Audience / Target Groups:

The Entertainment segment of the Yaa Asantewaa Festival will target educational institutions and the public at large. Well-Informed cultured consumers and a very dynamic and fashion-forward consumer segment from every ethnic background are the targets.

Students of academic institutions are made better of when engaged in healthy academic exercises that test their competence level, as in Math, Science, English and Social studies.

The elements of Culture – music, dance, drumming and performance enthusiasm are the factors that bring the people and the community together in a shared entertainment world to foster unity and oneness of purpose.


Sponsorship Package(s):

  • VIP Invitation to the contests and competitions (based on sponsorship level) and on stage recognition by the hosts of the programme and by the YAF personnel
  • There will be opportunity for sponsor(s) to make statements; present awards or prizes to winners at the various performances and competitions.
  • Sponsor banner or stand will be placed on the main stage, room or in the arena of the contest/performance, or at main entrance to the hall or have its logo on the backdrop.
  • Sponsors will be given recognition at Press Conferences and in statements on the programme(s) in Accra, Kumasi and Ejisu or will be mentioned in all ads on TV, Radio and Prints.
  • Sponsors’ logo will appear on all YAF and festival brochure, website and on online media – Blogs and social media outlets, and all other ad material like Flyers, Posters and Banners.


Summary of Sponsorship Package/Benefits:

A strategic multi-faceted marketing strategy and promotion campaign will be designed by YAF to widespread attention for your brand within Accra, Kumasi and Ejisu and focus on generating new business services to targeted people, businesses, dance groups, schools and entities locally, nationally and beyond.

These are also intended to attract local and foreign tourists and lure investors to the sector to boost tourism in Ghana.

Press Conference Yaa Asantewaa Foundation will hold press conferences to create a buzz around the Yaa Asantewaa Festival by inviting prominent media to cover the event. This is the opportunity for your brand to gain more exposure.

Press Releases Sponsor’s company’s logo will be included on all press release dissemination before and after the festival programmes and activities

Print AD Your Company’s logo will be included on all advertisement and promotional materials: flyers and poster distributed in accessibly recognized places like Malls, Shops/Stores, Restaurants, Boutiques, Saloons and Barbering Shops among others.

Radio Spots Your Company will be acknowledged in radio adverts in different FM stations


We are most grateful to you, your institution/organization/company/group for accepting to partner/sponsor with us, the Yaa Asantewaa Foundation, in organizing the annual/biennial festival `and for supporting the promotion of our Cultural Heritage and educational drive.



Fidelity Bank

Prefos Ltd

Ashmetro Prints Ltd

Silver Trust Travel and Tour

Silver Trust Properties Ltd



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august 7 (Wednesday) - 11 (Sunday)




Nana Yaa Asantewaa Memorial Foundation