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Experience Ghana’s 2nd Annual Ghana-Centre of the World Golf Tournament

GTA Digital - July 4, 2019 - 0 comments

It’s no surprise that people are excited about the 2ndAnnual Ghana-Centre of the World Golf Tournament on 13thJuly at the Tema Country Golf Course.  This year’s tournament is dubbed the ‘Year of Return Edition” because 2019 marks the 400 years since the arrival of the first documented ship of enslaved Africans in Jamestown, Virginia. Ghana declared this year as one where we welcome the global African family to return home to the motherland, Ghana.  Throughout 2019, ‘Year of Return’ events are honouring the resilience of people of African descent.


The Ghana Centre of the World Tournament is organized by the Ghana Tourism Development Company (GTDC) in partnership with Tema Country Golf Club.  Supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture with an endorsement by ‘Year of Return’, under Ghana Tourism Authority, this year promises to be even bigger than the last.  The increased number of people travelling to Ghana because of ‘year of return’, means potential engagement with avid golfers from the diaspora.


On the high table for the official press launch was Akofa Dokosi, Deputy CEO, Ghana Tourism Development Company, Teye Lartey Gberbie, Competition Secretary, Linda Osei Bonsu, Japan Motors, Nana Dr. Ani Agyei III, Twafohene of Tutu-Akwapim, Eastern Region, Lieutenant Commander Stephen Manu, Commanding Officer of Ghana Navy Ship EHWOR and Annabelle McKenzie, Manager Year of Return.

Nana Dr. Ani Agyei III, Captain of Tema Country Golf Club, recently enstooled as Twafohene of Tutu-Akwapim, Eastern Region, gave opening remarks,  “We seem to take the ‘centre of the world’ lightly, but it is an important line or mark geographically, in the whole world and we are lucky, especially members of Tema Country Golf Club, to have the Meridian passing through our course and even making it almost the centre of the world.”  He went on to say that this mark can go a long way towards motivating investors to develop the area positioning it to attract tourists.

Akofa Dokosi, Deputy CEO of Ghana Tourism Development Company, said “We seek to position Ghana as a desired and most preferred destination for people, with the caption ‘Ghana Centre of the world’ we are able to confidently use that caption because of the attributes that have identified Ghana as the nearest habitable land to the interjectional point of the latitude and longitude in the Atlantic ocean. The primary focus of the tournament is to market the project that will transform the Tema Country Golf Club into a World Class Leisure Resort. Dokosi said that they have plans to develop the course to international PGA standards.  The four (4) projects to brand Ghana as the Centre of the World include:

  1. The construction of a Passenger & Cruise Ship Terminal at the Port to attract Cruises.
  2. The erection of a World Time Iconic Structure at the precincts of the Tema Harbour.
  3. The redevelopment of the Greenwich Meridian Religious Tourism Facilities
  4. The transformation of the Tema Country Golf Club into a World Class Leisure Resort with the capacity to host PGA certified tournaments.

The tournament is expected to attract prominent people in the community including Minsters of State, diplomatic corps, Heads of State-Owned Enterprises and those from the African diaspora.  As the Manager for Year of Return, Annabelle McKenzie, was there to support the launch.  “We are excited to be here we want to thank the Tema Golf Club for having us.”


Dokosi and McKenzie unveiled the official attire for the golf tournament and declared the Ghana Centre of the World Golf Tournament, formally launched.  Everyone walked through the golf course with Lieutenant Commander Stephen Manu, Commanding Officer of Ghana’s Navy Ship EHWOR. He spoke about the actual location of the centre of the earth. We were informed that the 0° Latitude line also passes through Tema Harbour, and The Presbyterian Church at Tema Community 1.

The tournament takes place on 13thJuly 2019 at Tema Country Golf Club.  Registration is 100 GHS per person but free for golfers of sponsor entities.  Anyone interested in participating should send an email to  Registrations need to be completed by 8thJuly at 3pm to be considered.  

Written by Ivy Prosper

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