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Ghana is a place of safety and security – American actress AJ Johnson

GTA Digital - August 29, 2019 - 0 comments

American actress, Choreographer and fitness trainer Adrienne- Joi Johnson popularly known in the showbiz circles as AJ Johnson believes Ghana is a haven for those seeking inner peace and a pure connection with their roots, unlike Hollywood.

The veteran actress who featured in 1992 hit movie ‘Sister Act’ expressed how refreshing it was to leave behind the hustle and sometimes exaggerated lifestyle that Hollywood has become famous for.

In an interview with Citi News’ Nana Adwoa Sarkodie, she stated that being in Ghana makes her feel complete.

“Ghana is a place of safety and security to learn my true history and to be aware of who I really am and my soul primarily because as an African American when I come to Ghana it is really obvious to me that I was abducted.

The 400 years has created a major gap and there is a lot of separation between us as people that I don’t believe should be there between culture, food, art, language and entertainment.

For me it is a very welcoming and safe place because I feel at home here and so even though this is the year of return I do feel like this is home and I feel like at this point I’m going back to the states to create and I come back here for home,” she explained.

She added that the authenticity of Ghana and its people makes it her preferred choice when she needs to leave the regular work hustle of Hollywood to truly be herself.

Safety and security for me mean a place to try and not be afraid to fail whether it is the Twi language whether it is African food or just bonding with people.

“I feel open, I feel transparent and I feel like I can be genuine.

“I have lived in Hollywood for a long time and that’s the land of make-belief, we get rewarded in Hollywood for pretending and this is a place of truth and respect.

“I feel like an American if you come understanding that this is a place to be yourself you will be welcomed,” she concluded.

During her short stint in Ghana which centred around the Year of Return, A.J Johnson took time out to engage and share expertise with stakeholders within the Ghanaian movie and creative fraternity on how to enhance and market their craft.

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