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Mas Africa, the official organisers of the upcoming Year of Return Kumasi Carnival, officially launched the event on 12th October at the National House of Chiefs in Manhyia. The events are set to take place from 29thOctober – 2nd November and promises to be a festival unlike any ever seen in Ghana. 


The Ghana Chamber of Commerce, together with the National Commission on Culture have come together to bring an experience that blends the rich Ashanti culture with the spirit of Caribbean Carnival.  It’s a chance to celebrate our history and culture in the most colourful way.   

In attendance for the launch was Mr. Barima Asumatu Sakyi, the director of Kumasi Cultural centre, Dr. Susan Alfred, Chair of the Ghana Caribbean Chamber of Commerce (also responsible for carnival activities), the Regional Commander of the Scouts and his scouts and the HAD foundation. 


Mr. Clement Graham, the editor of Wellbeing magazine and a returnee from the diaspora, shared the history of carnival, what it meant to him, the fascinating and colourful way it records history and the economic benefits.  Carnival in other countries has contributed to job creation, revenue to hotels and other hospitality service providers.  Mr. John Michael Appiah-Acheampong is the Director of Mas Africa and the Project Manager of the activities for the festival.  His experience with carnivals in the U.K. makes him an important part of the event planning. 


Several groups are expected to travel to Kumasi from around the world to participate in the festival.  For some, this will be their first time in Ghana.  Being the Year of Return, it’s also a spiritual journey for those who want to reconnect with the motherland.  This festival is a great opportunity to bring together the culture of the diaspora with local Ghanaian culture.  Local masqueraders from Winneba and Swedru will be joining the major carnival procession as well.


The unveiling of the lead costumes for the 2019 Kumasi Carnival was the highlight of the launch.  The ‘Asase Yaa’ costume led the way and gave attendees something to marvel at.  Ms. Barbara Nyarko and Melissa Simon Hartman were the costume designers and have experience creating costumes for the Notting Hill Carnival in the U.K.  Nyarko is also the Director of Mas Africa and said that the vision is to use costume design to enhance the Creative Arts Industry.  She says that training and empowering individuals to design costumes to export to other carnivals around the world is a great way to boost the creative arts industry while making an economic impact.  She strongly believes that this can be an important boost in tourism.

A rundown of which events would take place through the five days was delivered by Appiah-Acheampong.  Below is a breakdown of activities over the course of the festival.  All who are interested in taking part can contact event organisers through email at [email protected] through WhatsApp on +233 24 655 0588.




28th October, 2019


 Courtesy call on President Akufo-Addo,

29th October, 2019

 Welcome Cocktail- Ike’s Café’ and Grill, Kumasi
1. Arrival of distinguished guests
2. Welcome by the Ghana government Officials, Kumasi Cultural Center Dir. 3. Greetings from Caribbean and beyond.

30th October, 2019

  •   Courtesy call on the Ashanti King and presentation of gifts/ Durbar of Chiefs and Queen Mothers
  •   Unveiling of the Monument of Liberty and Reunification (Wall)/ Speeches from the Diaspora
  •   Made in Ghana street Fair (Opening)
  •   Seminar, Day 1 – Topic” Investment Opportunities in Ghana” by the Trade Ministry

31st October, 2019

  •   Seminar, Day 2 – Topic” Investment Opportunities in Ghana” by the Trade Ministry
  •   Tour some businesses in Kumasi
  •   Made in Ghana street Fair

1st November, 2019


 Made in Ghana street Fair

2nd November, 2019

  •   Street carnival
  •   Made in Ghana street Fair (Final Day)  Awards

5th – 6th Nov, 2019

 Roots Synergy Roundtable on a Decade of Return in Accra

 THE LIBERTY AND REUNIFICATION MONUMENT (WALL) is to Commemorate the millions of African people, victims of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, slavery, colonialism and apartheid, who were forcefully taken away from their Homeland Africa into centuries of crimes against their humanity and for the Remembrance of all Heroes and Heroines who made happened that the crimes against humanity could be brought to an end, for those (Pan) Africans who fight against all forms of racism. It will also be in honour and remembrance of those who answered President Akuffo-Addo’s call for the African Diaspora to return home after 400 years since the first enslaved Africans arrived in Jamestown, Virginia.

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