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More African Americans Coming to Ghana

GTA Digital - July 17, 2019 - 0 comments

With so many people coming to experience Ghana because of the Year of Return, it’s always wonderful to hear stories from some of them. This week, a group of 13 people from Indianapolis, Indiana, arrived in Accra. Some of them are part of a group called 5 Stones Ministry and they will be doing missions work in a village near Akosombo. The rest of the group will be taking advantage of taking tours in Ghana to places like Shai Hills and Kumasi.

Linda Lewis-Everett, a Community Activist, said she and some of her group have visited Ghana before and enjoyed it.  When she heard about 2019 being the Year of Return, she knew she had to make a trip again. “I wanted to be part of Year of Return, because I am African American and I am pleased with the thought of blacks throughout the diaspora coming back home!” she said.  They arrived in Accra on Sunday and were greeted with a welcome from some of our Year of Return team. “The welcome was exceptional and greatly received,” Lewis-Everett said.

It’s stories like these that prove the importance of Year of Return activities in reconnecting the global diaspora with Ghana and Africa at large.  We look forward to meeting so many more people like them over the coming year and beyond.

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