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The God Box Foundation Brings People of Different Faiths Together

GTA Digital - July 27, 2019 - 0 comments


The God Box Foundation did something rarely seen in Ghana, they brought together people of multiple faiths under one roof. Kobina Bouhairie, Director of the God Box Foundation and Panafest Interfaith Dialogue, welcomed a number of guests who have travelled primarily from the United States to participate in the PANAFEST events over the next few days.

“I believe the God Box Foundation is the first and only Pan African interfaith organization in the world. We promote, we celebrate and we embrace the religious and spiritual diversity of the global Pan African family. We like to see the multiplicity of God in building all these unique particularities,” Bouhairie said as he addressed the crowd. Everyone was excited about being a part of PANAFEST and experiencing the love shared between people despite having different religious beliefs.

There were people from different faiths including Christians, Muslims, Judaism, Traditional Ghanaian Religion and Rastafrians. All were given the opportunity to say a prayer in front of everyone so they can share their love through how they acknowledge God. The beauty of what the foundation is doing allows people to learn from each other, because often times when we don’t understand each other, it’s difficult to have a true sense of togetherness.


There will be an Interfaith Dialogue event during PANAFEST in Cape Coast on 28th July at Cape Coast Sports Stadium. This event is titled the God Box Experience and promises to give all faiths the opportunity to celebrate and worship in their own unique ways.

Dhalia Sabeh is the Director of God Box Tours and has created tour packages for everyone to participate in while they are in Ghana. It’s an opportunity to spend time with each other and experience different parts of Ghana’s history, culture and learn about the country’s diversity while being able to share knowledge with each other about their respective spiritual practices.

The God Box Foundation’s ultimate mission is to bring together Africans and Africans from the diaspora in a space where they can share in each other’s experiences as it relates to God. For more information about getting involved with the organization or to make a donation you can contact them through the website

Written by Ivy Prosper

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